Monday, October 10, 2011

Life on Film

So I when home this summer and not far from this location at The Salvation Army I found a sweet Canon 35mm film SLR camera.  So I decided to post a few pictures that I took with the camera.

Out in the middle of nowhere on the way to my sister's house there is this old car and an abandoned farmhouse.  Every time I drove past it I always wanted to stop and take some pictures of it but I never had a camera until now.

Some people say that Eastern Washington is a desert and is ugly.....I disagree.
I was constantly looking over my shoulder while taking these pictures because I had to cross a barbed wire fence with a no trespassing sign in order to get to this spot.  I think it was worth it.

My good friends Brooklyn Johnson painted this......I have the coolest friends.

This man's name is either Bryan or Ryan, I can't remember which but he is the man in charge of the Folk Life Festival in Yakima every year(where is picture was taken).  I saw his amazing beard and had to ask him for a picture, he was more then happy to model for me.  I asked how long he had been growing his beard, he told me he started in 1975 but lost over half of it twice due to fire.  Campfires and birthday candles can be dangerous when you have a beard that long.  I have great respect for this man.

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