Saturday, October 8, 2011

Exploring the Infinite Abyss

Well, I have given into the peer pressure of my roommates and have started a blog.  I have actually been thinking I needed to start a blog for a while now.  So here I go,  jumping right into it. My first blog. 

I feel that I need to explain why I choose to name my blog 'The Infinite Abyss'.  In the movie Garden State, Andrew is a young man who is lost in life, he isn't sure what he wants and is looking for something to make him happy.  One day he and his friends find themselves in some recently discovered caves.  In the caves, they meet a scientist named Albert, who lives in a boat inside the caves with his family.  His job is to explore and map out the caves, his own "private abyss".  Andrew asks if he ever gets lonely in the caves, Albert explains that he isn't lonely because he has his family and he has found what makes him happy, the exact thing that Andrew is looking for.

Albert explores the unknown for a living, but Andrew is the one who is lost in the void, fighting his way through to the other side to find his place in life like Albert.  As they are leaving Andrew turns to Albert and says, "Good luck exploring the infinite abyss", to which Albert replies, "You too."  Life is the ultimate 'abyss' and we are all just explorers trying to find our way through it, trying to find happiness. By starting this blog I invite you to join me on my explorations of the 'Infinite Abyss'. 

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