Saturday, March 23, 2013

Staten Island Ferry

 I am a fan of things that are free.  The Staten Island Ferry is free, ergo, I am a fan of the Staten Island Ferry.  So today I grabbed my camera and headed out to see what I would find.
The docks of Lower Manhattan.

Riding the Ferry over to Staten Island.  It was pretty cold!

The docks of Staten Island.

I went exploring around SI and found this cool bar.

This building is 120 years old.

A very nice man concerned with my salvation gave me this piece of paper.

SI feels very small compared to Manhattan.

Who doesn't love a good wolf mural?

I actually witnessed the chair on the left being purchased.  One lucky girl is going to have a great quinceanera!

You can still see the affects of Hurricane Sandy.

I just liked this building.

I found Caribbean food!  I had me some great beef roti and some mac pie.

Overall, taking a trip over to Staten Island wasn't a bad way to spend a Saturday.  The rest of these picture of photos of tourists taking picture.

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